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NEW Building

Join us on Countryside Agility Facebook page for more viewer comments and descriptions of the pictures you see here. Enjoy the posts as we get closer to our goal!

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From 1-30-15

Renovations finished on time for our first trial January 30, 2015

Dreams do come true! The photos show our 100x95 fenced ring on turf with rubber infill; ample room for spectator seating; staging and practice area, which serves as training space during non-trial days; a large crating room, which serves as our puppy training room on non-trial days; the Bistro where friends gather for lunch between runs; and a comfortable lounge for conversation, watching TV, or on-line activities.

Come join the fun!


From 1-25-15

HELP Next order of business is to get moved in ,,,YIKES 5 days to go , We will be moving stuff tonite and prob mon nite for sure from edinboro to erie if anyone can help . Mon nite we need to start rolling up the mats and banding them ,Need some strong help then we have someone with a forklift and moving truck but thats going to be our hardest move. Once mats are rolled we need people to take the foam tiles from edinboro to erie and re lay them so its ready to re lay the mats on . We also have some office furniture to move . I need some easy painting done and some tiles laid in erie IF anyone can help let us know ..there is a ton of small jobs to be done at building if you just have an hour or two i am sure we can find you a job . Unfortunatly we HAVE to be out of edinboro by sat so with the show on fri we are under pressure to get it done , I am at Erie show doing demos today which is messing with things but text me or email if you want to help We really would appreciate it!

From 1-24-15

Alright Countryside followers , tThe turf is here ! The turf guys arrived early on thur so i could quit worrying and already have the floor primed and the turf laid with all seams bonded and ready to go , Expecting rubber by sat , The building is moving so fast now its hard to get pics of everything , Tubs are plumbed , moproom and bathrooms finally up and boy itys running nice to have running water LOL.., Drywalling about done and painting following behind , Now working on floors that i have to install , They are working thru the last things needed for final inspections , Today I learned how to test fire alarms , set my HVAC controls tips on how to lay the remaining tile from the floor guys , and we legalized our kitchen cupboards and tiled smile emoticon 7 days to go .. yikes ! and still have to move the heavy mats from edinboro ,AND the fireplace is up and stones are in place . It just needs grouted and he is done ,It looks fantatsic !,The lobby is looking good .Once they wax the new floors we can start setting up the furniture and offices , heres some pics , there he is below ..deep in discussion on how to solve all my problems LOL.

From 1-23-15

Building getting close! Jan 23 2015


From 1-22-15

Quick update as we are geting ready to go back to the building .The mad rush is on !! We put up the tile on the wall last nite and Nadia slaved at putting together benches 7of them LOL tHANKS NADIA ! No times for pics but the place is looking like a real building , Turf guys are here and they were there til midnite with us prepping the floors.TURF TODAY!!!!! Brian from Brains Masonary was still there when we left at midnite getting the fireplace ready for stone , Love my workers with great work ethic , Its so busy during the day with so many workers there its easier to work at nite.TIle is laid up front except for the rooms i need to do (hey local peeps who is interested in helping lay VCT tile? LOL) All 32,000 sf of tile ceiling s are in inclucing the new ceiling in the mexzanine area , Lights are all up and working , Got my fist lesson on running my huge HVAC system and painters are getting there ,Sprinklers are all reset and working we have s nay if they ever go off we will drown! I even learned how to test the smoke alarms Biggest worry right now id getting all that rubber mat moved . waiting to hear from the demolition guys as they are to help and provide the big equipment but if anyone had muscle to spare we could use some Its heavy!WE need to start rolling it up and banding it before we get the trucks here . I am thinking mon or tue .. 1st bad news we screwed up and the kitchen isnt up to ADA code so Howie is going in with me to rip out the bottom cabinets and cut them down , (sorry erin and jeff after all your work) Thats why you should let the builder do things on a commercial job :_( they know what they are doing ,,they hire a kithcen place that knows those things LOL he felt bad but it was our fault i asked him a ton of questins on code on other things we were doing but not that one ,,glad we caught it now . Inspections are ongoing , fingers crossed ,, 8 days to go .but whos counting LOL..

From 1-20-15

Countryside exhibitors ,,,Do not send any entries to the Erie address until February pay attention to the address in premium , ..we will stop and get all Edinboro mail daily for awhile, then still have it forwarded for a few months after that just in case ,Old habits will die hard , be careful when you write that envelope address!


From 1-20-15

New Building - 9 days to go!


From 1-11-15

Thanks to Erin and Jeff Tennant we now have kitchen cupboards installed at the building in one day!!! They look great !!! Thanks guys!! Things are moving along !! Now need to get someone to install the countertop and one thing will be done . Painter has some priming done and will start colors tommorrow ! Should have new pics Monday! Now we just need a fridge to complete the kitchen but i made an executive decision with my dwindling budget that the fireplace stone comes first! Priorities! Anyone selling a good used fridge cheap ? <G> Celing tiles are up in the crating room and they were working on main hall tiles saturdayl ...19 days to the first trial ..but whose counting .... Builder Tom says first trial WILL be at the new building !..luckiliy i have all the confidence in the world in him ..least one of us is calm about how close its getting to Jan 30 LOL. We needed the weather to warm up so the concrete guys can get their concrete for the walkway and some work out front and it seems mother nature has listened ,,its 30+ tonite

From 1-8-15

Looking forward to our first trial at the building hosted by Olean Kennel Club ..thanks for all your support , Sat and sun are waitlisted but we have a few runs left FRI , Exc STD EXc JWW Exc FAST and T2 B Judge Lavonda Herring . Were gonna PARTY !!!
If you didnt get in this one there is still room in the Tamarack Trial the following weekend and HABOC on FEb , all our trials are listed on the website . There is a trial nearly every weekend right now .

From 1-7-15

Things are really moving along now, doesnt seem they could possible get it all done but builder says we will have our trial there Jan 30! May be some work to finish after ward but long as we have an occupancy permit and turf we are good to go :=) They had like 10 drywall hangars and finishers in there the other day and it amazing how much got done, 25,000 sf of tile had to be removed and thats complete , Windows and doors going in Monday ,,,painter starting thur and the cement sidewalk in the arena is being poured today! We are now running on the new HVAC units on gas (thank goodess we were heating on an ancient ELECTRIC HVAC unit !) All framing is done ,and plumbing inspected etc so we are getting there ! Starting to look like a real building.

From 12-23-14

Sorry been no time for posting but heres a few pics .. Was interesting to see how they put openings thru the block . They do a saw cut bang out the cement blocks and leave the brick outer shell , Then the next day they saw cut around the opening and knocked the brick out , Stopped by at 9 last nite and got rewarded by seeing the front lobby door and windows all cut out ! Love theses workaholics we hired ! Was thinking of cleaning up the brick to use inside for the fireplace but no time to clean it up .,would of been nice to have MATCHING brick ya know LOL

From 12-7-14

Uploading a few pics but its hard to tell what you are looking at there are so many studded rooms in one area . Will have one more visit tommorrow when i meet with the builder then will be off to the IX in Cleveland for the week to put on a big 4 day agilty trial , NO building for a week , withdrawal already LOL...better sweet talk my site manager into sending me some pics while gone , Cant wait to see what they get accomplished this week ! Still cant decide on colors ...front office area will be a green theme ,,afterall we do have the QQ lounge in the front lobby <G> thinking may just go a nuetral beige color in the main arena ..but walls 140' long x16 high, one color ,may get boring !

From 12-3-14

Plumbing has passed inspection and floors recemented ,,,now they will finish framing this week . Next week on to wiring , Once that is inspected they will start drywalling ,,will look like a building soon instead of a jail There is LOTS of drywalling to do! HVAC guys showed me the diffussers going in the ceiling tommorrow and the 4 large HVAC units will be lifted onto the roof tommorrow ., Roof is all ready for them !
Time to start picking colors so we will be ready for the painter in a few weeks . HELP i cant decide on anything! Off to the indcredipaws camp tommorrow then leave for the IX next Tue , Bad timing ! I'll have building withdrawals !!!

From 11-19-14

Moving along but not fast enough for ME! Taking down that mezzanine is a lot bigger job than I thought ! The guys even worked all weekend! They almost have all the walls and flooring off ,starting on the big metal beams tommorrow. Dead battery tonite so no pics Its like xmas running down to see the progress each day Outside of building is freshly painted nice and shiny new ,got lucky on the weather, I was beginning to worry it wouldnt be able to be done til spring , Building permit is done and framing starts tommorrow (YEAH!) ,,saw piles of material in there tonite and they will start working bright and early! Might look like we are getting somewhere by tommorrow nite !
Thanks to all our supporters at Countryside for the "congratulations on the closing" cake this weekend ,,when we are done we will have more than a cake we will have a huge PARTY!

From 11-3-14

COUNTRYSIDE BUILDING PROGRESS!!!!! Painter got the building prepped and powerwashed , now hoping for painting weather tommorrow ..forecast looks iffy! Sprinklers deactivated this morning so mezzanine can come down ,, demo guys are now hard at work ...They started tearing down part of the over head mezzanine , That is going to be a huge job, lots of heavy beams and thick flooring , Builders have been baring the walls prepping for new plasterboard Always looks worse before it look better i guess!

Join us on Countryside Agility Facebook page for more viewer comments and descriptions of the pictures you see here. Enjoy the posts as we get closer to our goal!


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